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As Jack tries to give him a hand up, we see a large animal knock Jack down, its a werewolf!! As the werewolf unrelentingly tears Jack apart like a american antelope, David gets up and runs for his life, he knows he has to go back to see if Jack is alive or not, but when he returns the naked older pussy cigarette werewolf waiting and he proceeds to scratch David up with his razor like claws.

As the chunky nurse cracks a joke about David being circumsized, the doctor shows up and hears her saying it. The doctor tells her she has work to do and she leaves the room. David begins having really strange and scary nightmares while he rests in the room. Jack is still his old jokester self, only his body is still torn apart and he looks london dead. Jack tells David that hes part of the walking dead and hes come back to to help himself and David as well.

He explains David is now a werewolf the last in the line and he must kill himself before he kills other innocent people. Alex takes David home with her and when they get to her flat in London, she shows him around the house and he tells her how much he likes it.

Very cozy. A very sexy shower scene as the nude kiss and rub soap on each other. Notify me of new posts via email.

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Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading His friend appears to him and tells him he is cursed to be undead until Naughton kills himself and ends the werewolf bloodline. Naughton moves in with Agutter after he is released, and is fine until the first full moon. The film is really more comedy than horror, but the makeup for the werewolf transformation earned an Oscar.

Agutter shows a breast in a very dark love scene. The transfer is very grainy, but watchable. The Critics Vote. General consensus: three stars. Rotten Tomatoes summary. Of the seven graded ones, six are positive. We left it in: it gave the scenes a wonderfully real feeling.

John Landis, director

I wanted a weird, eerie ambience for the night shots. So that wolf howl you hear was actually made up of about nine different sounds, including a wolf, a lion, a panther, and even a locomotive. The other sound you hear, after that first attack out on the moors, was actually a scarlit knight farm, recorded from a distance. ComedyHorror Similar movies Shock Value nude scenes.

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american werewolf in london nude aunty nude boobs Besides enduring the extensive makeup, David Naughton, who played David Kessler, spent about 40 percent of his screen time naked. Filming in the cold British weather was tough, but he was understandably most worried about being in a cage with real wolves… while naked! As he told SF Site in They were trying to say to us that the wolves had been fed, that we should have some comfort in knowing that. Earlier in the movie, we see a dog and cat react in fear to David, but here the wolves calmly accept him as one of their one. Fortunately, in the end, they turned out to be somewhat docile.
american werewolf in london nude soraji vuдќeliд‡ The result is one of the most clever black comedy-horror films of our time. Landis put together his own comedic style with the horror films he grew up loving and crafted a timeless cult classic. When we meet them they are riding in the back of a truck with a bunch of sheep. David and Jack walk through the roads of Northern England and chat about things all American guys talk about: chicks. They goof around and make jokes and things seem normal.
american werewolf in london nude ill fuck you blind bitch We filmed the moors scenes in Wales. David Naughton and Griffin Dunne were inexperienced movie actors, but they gelled perfectly as two American backpackers attacked by a werewolf. We left it in: it gave the scenes a wonderfully real feeling. I wanted a weird, eerie ambience for the night shots. So that wolf howl you hear was actually made up of about nine different sounds, including a wolf, a lion, a panther, and even a locomotive.
american werewolf in london nude hot buts Not logged in. Login or Become a member! Our goal! Genres: ComedyHorror. She was 28 when she was in this film. She looked surely definitely looked beautiful back in them days.