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My concern is that I want to breastfeed, so I make sure that I have the right diet to be able to do so. That is most important for me," she says. But the bubbly mother-to-be gives a hint of peer pressure: One of her friends who is also eight months pregnant has put on just 7.

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Wong exclaims: "I thought, oh no, what did I do? The former MediaCorp actress - who, like her husband, is now signed to Taiwanese artist management agency Catwalk - says she plans to raise her child on home ground. She says: "Well, because I'm Singaporean. This is the best place to raise a child because it is safe.

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The education system, she adds, is excellent. But I still feed him and he still sleeps with us.


Does Zed visit you and Chris when you guys are filming? Yes, Chris loves to bring him on set actually.

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Coincidentally that day, I had a scene where I had to act hysterical. There was once Zed was around for a scene where I had eggs thrown at me [for the drama], and he was inconsolable.

I had to carry him for one hour.

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I'm sure everyone fawns over him on set. Does he enjoy the attention? Once a magazine was on set to observe the filming and the reporter was so happy my whole wong was there and wanted a pic of us. But Zed didn't want his pictures taken so I had to tell the reporter, 'Sorry'. No videos! No photos! The mum-to-be, who is due to deliver next month, created a buzz when she uploaded the photo onto her social media accounts on Thursday night.

The set was cleared for the photoshoot on June 23 so that Wong would feel at ease and comfortable. Pictures husband, local fann Christopher Lee, 42, was not present.

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Wong, who prepared for the shoot by having a good night's sleep, said: "I was not at all shy during the photoshoot. The Marie France Bodyline team and the crew made sure I was totally at ease. Best turkeys for Christmas. K-celeb bob hairstyles. Guide to packing light and fast.

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Happy Birthday Fann Wong, the local actress who is turning 47 on Jan 27 is still so celebrated, and here's why. She put Singapore on the map. Latest in Celebs. Tag s : celebritiesFann Wongsingapore celebSingapore celebrities. Your A to Z Christmas guide. The watch women can wear with confidence. How to spend a Very Very Tiffany Holiday.

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The scents of Christmas. Featured Video. The gift of the gab. Yakkity yakkity yak. Both Sharon and Joanne can outtalk the lifespan of the batteries in your tape recorder, the ink in your pen, the pages in your notebook. This is an important part of her effusive, effervescent personality.


fann wong pictures sex big booty xnxx She pictures headlines recently with a faux nude shot, but actress Fann Wong abashedly laughs off comparisons to the iconic Fann Fair cover featuring a heavily pregnant Demi Moore in In the pictures, Wong is seen cradling her eight- months-pregnant belly, her modesty protected by two wong sashes of chiffon and silk. The print advertisements, which she has shared on her Facebook and Instagram, have received more than 73, and 13, likes respectively. Says the year-old: "It is a very beautiful moment as a mother-to-be inside daisy marie pussy I just wanted to have in print this moment to keep as a beautiful memory. Wong was looking radiant at the Diner En Blanc picnic last Saturday evening at Tanjong Beach in Sentosa, in her last public appearance before her delivery.
fann wong pictures pakistan sex video pashto It's clear who the star is today. Even her co-stars can't seem to get enough of her. And we all know how Andie is almost never at a loss for words. The year-old is of course used to being the centre of attention, and recently she found herself once again in the news, well, or should we say fake news. It's clearly fake news so what do you have to say about that? Fann Wong: Yes, I read that. Luckily, no one believed this news.
fann wong pictures hot israeli military women Here's what she thought of the Fann-y resemblance. This is an excerpt from a story which first appeared in IssueMar 11, That was one of the angles originally mooted for this story. I think I look like her. I once had this makeover picture taken, and even I thought: 'This person looks like Fann Wong. I want to carve my own niche. I am Joanne!
fann wong pictures arabic small white node pussy Actress Fann Wong needs no introduction. The multi-talented star has been a household name since she broke out inand remains a beloved actress til today. Superstars need to keep up appearances, so their social media accounts are usually heavily edited and carefully cassie ventura feet to portray a seeming perfect and glamorous life. There was even one of her in an IV drip after she got hospitalised! Of course, there are the usual sponsored posts and shots of her looking like a glam goddess at events. But we love how balanced and grounded Fann comes across. In a recent interview with 8 Days, she says they take the soon-to-be-five-year-old along to all dates, even to romantic dinners or anniversary celebrations, because they find themselves missing him too much.