Japanese girls wearing diapers

Societal changes tend to creep forward slowly in tradition-bound Japan.

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But the triple disaster: earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown ofcreated a massive physical and emotional upheaval. In addition to the pain and legacy the country is still dealing with, the disaster also caused a major shift in attitudes, notes Cundy. So really, everything for them, was about how you built the country up. Now, Cundy said, some advertisers are aiming more for bucket list items, and using a classic marketing strategy to do so.

And advertisers know it. Take one ad touting an incontinence product for seniors featuring a paralympic skier.

They do it to save time and they aren't the only ones who use them voluntarily

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Japanese models wear the latest style of growing huge cock diapers during its fashion show in Tokyo. Related Stories. Also Included in. Tags in this Story.

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This woman is far from alone. Sales of adult diapers surpassed sales of diapers for babies for the first time in Japan this past May. However, a big part of this is Japan's quickly aging population, meaning there is an increasing number of people who require the diapers. As a Bloomberg article points out, companies are rushing to get the biggest share possible in this booming market. Japan is also doing some other interesting things with adult diapers.

Adult diapers a surprising new trend among Japanese women

Inmanufacturers conducted the world's first adult diaper fashion show. And used diapers are being shred, dried and sterilized to be used as fuel pellets for boilers. Adult diapers aren't just a growing trend in Japan, they are also a tactic for gamblers.

Casino-goers wear them so they don't have to get up to go to the bathroom and abandon their slot machines.

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Tim Pelton, a professor at the University of Victoria's Centre for Addiction Research, learned of the trend from casino staff when studying signs of problem gamblers. Casino staff constantly walk the floors and see the diapers peeking out of people's pants and can smell the odour. According to Digital Journalin an Ontario company began selling adult diapers online.


japanese girls wearing diapers nude women fingering pussy Japan is now arguably the oldest country in the world. But there was one easy way to spot the shift. But one of them seems to be distracted — worried about something. This means seniors have fewer grandchildren to reach into their pockets for and more money to spend as they see fit. But according to the Pew Research Center, in Japan there are now more diapers produced for adults than for babies. All kinds of companies are having to shift what they produce in order to keep up with a changing consumer landscape.
japanese girls wearing diapers kendra wilkinson nude Most toddlers can feel a sense of accomplishment when they graduate to the big boy or girl potty, but some people in Japan voluntarily going back to wearing diapers. Japanese media report the trend of wearing adult diapers is becoming increasingly popular, especially for women looking to save time. One year-old woman, who girls only be identified under diapers pseudonym, has been wearing a diaper to work wearing a real estate agency almost best breast fuck day for the japanese six months. She does it to save time and the trouble of going to the washroom. She doesn't wear one when she's with her boyfriend and only wears them under a skirt because pants make it too obvious. This woman is far from alone. Sales of adult diapers surpassed sales of diapers for babies for the first time in Japan this past May.
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