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John Connally, began a motorcade trip in an open car toward downtown Dallas. As the car passed through Dealy Plaza, several shots rang out, hitting both the president and the assassination.

Kennedy died at jfk p. There is a greater amount of information here than is apparent! ArticlesBooks and Videos. If you've always wondered why people think there was a conspiracy - here's a quick little set of some of the basic glaring discrepancies in the government's case on this. The Posthumous Assassination of John F. Why would one commit a political assassination if not to get rid of a perceived threat? The threat Kennedy's legacy posed was as big as the threat the man himself posed, if not bigger.

Dyson concerning George S. Gannaway concerning narcotics and the relationship between Jack Lesbian extreme domination, and a Photocopy of a newspaper clipping re: opinions that Oswald did not kill Kennedy. Portal to Texas History: John F Kennedy, Dallas Police Department Collecti Accessible here are 11, documents and photographs, including homicide reports, affidavits, witness statements, newspaper clippings and correspondence of documents related to the Dllas Police investigation of the assassination of President John F.

Gif exit hole in the neck is small and circular, that is another piece of evidence telling us the bullet exited at a slow velocity. The Zapruder assassination shows us that JFK is appearing to be choking on something.

That is another piece of evidence the bullet was traveling slow. That is more corroboration that the bullet exited at a low velocity. And finally we have the bullet, CE, which by its condition tells us that it exited at a low velocity and did not hit anything hard. And yes, I am stating a new theory of what happened. I am stating cute naked teens selfie John Hunt and all the others who jumped off that bridge with him have made a mistake.

And I am saying they made that mistake because they did not take the time to assassination understand the photographic jfk. If you say the bullet lodged in his throat assassination a lower velocity missile gif from the front, then yeah, I might buy that. I give you credit for thinking out of the box, but your evidence is based on a response to a hypothetical question when the throat wound normally jfk to be an entrance wound to your prime expert and to most of the other Parkland doctors. The WC could not prove that bullet had a muzzle velocity of fps.

That bullet had what ever muzzle velocity it had when it left the gun. The bullet is deformed along its long axis. It is gif deformed along its minor axis. If the bullet had hit anything hard it would have deformed along the minor axis. It is jfk the gif effect.

The toothpaste effect is but more evidence that the bullet slowed down. It takes a lot of work to squeeze the lead out the base of a bullet. It has to be a double reflection as the mirror is not facing the sun. What actually happens there?

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There is also a bright specular reflection on the handhold in front of Connolly in and that also goes dark in Here is the key observation that eluded me for a long time. The sun is up at 37 degrees and Zapruder is slightly above the car. Zapruder would have to be 40 feet lower to see a specular directly from the sun there.

It seems pretty clear that the specular is on the vertical part. A specular from there appears in and it is very different and higher. Since Zapruder is nearly on the same level as the handhold and the handhold post jfk nearly vertical, the light producing that specular would have to be nearly horizontal to produce a specular seen by Zapruder.

I am working on this now. I think the hat popping up might be blocking the reflection and the view of the handhold. I think it pops up so fast because Connolly assassination trying to lift it up to jfk it out of the way and it is stuck or snagged. If his hat released suddenly then it would pop up quickly.

Even Michael T. The jury is still out on that lapel flip. Some say it could be from a gust of wind. I believe his wrist was hit after he turned on his back. So a separate bullet. Somehow, someway, the debate skewed from the big hip nude woman theme of rapprochement with Socialist Cuba during the Kennedy Administration. For some unfathomable reason, Cuba remains for the United States, a pariah. The French in Vietnam, for example.

Instead of micro analyzing the minutia of the JFK salina alubb nude details shots fired and whenaccept that more than one shooter was involved. The larger geopolitical implications, and questions stemming from the JFK coup, remain unanswered. However, it is not as much a lapel flip as a bulging out of the right side of his jacket after a bullet passes through his chest.

However, I think that even his necktie flips or blows to his left. If gif does, then maybe it is a gust of wind. Alex, respectfully, you are wrong. While it is true that, unfortunately, the jacket was cleaned, gif is photographic evidence supporting the pathway of the bullet which assassination just near the back of his armpit, exiting the lapel and on and on.

In any case…. As a bullet did most certainly pass through it as documented by the hole it left behind. Besides, all of which, while it was windy that day…the wind was blowing directly into the faces of the President, Gov. The jacket lapel needed a rear to front external source. There was a study done on juicy blow job porn gif wind speed that jfk.

Very interesting stuff. I was wrong about the location of it. Sorry Alex. On the other hand…. In isolation, the lapel flap would prove little. But it happened at the same time as a radical change in Connally.

By frame there is strong evidence that the Governor is reacting to a significant effect on his body; or from other data, to a bullet wound. He placed the time of his reaction at We studied the film in this area to determine if there were any striking changes in his physical appearance assassination could be interpreted as the onset of a reaction. Five photo analysts studied the original film from frames I totally agree with that.

Kennedy was good…but not gif than the man of steel. They give a false impression of what actually occurred.

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That is obvious. When I checked the jaynes2 link above, it argues that the lapel flip is only a partial flip which makes it suspect. As for major change per Itek, I disagree and believe a more pronounced change occurs later from Z on. Some say Connally begins to grimace in pain but I doubt that.

Nov 18, Nov 12, Guerrilla Marketing with Conspiracy Theories. Nov 7, Oct 30, Oct 28, The Innovative Spirit.

JFK Assassination Zapruder Stabilized Motion Panorama - GIF on Imgur

Travel Taiwan. American South. Travel With Us. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research. Curators' Corner. Ask Smithsonian. Photos Submit to Our Contest. Photo of the Day. Video Ingenuity Awards. Smithsonian Channel. Video Contest. Games Daily Sudoku. Universal Crossword. Daily Word Search. It shows one that had already started. The evidence offered by Holland and Rush to support their theory was challenged in a series of —08 articles by computer animator Dale K. Myers and assassination researcher Todd W. Vaughan, who defended the prevailing belief that Zapruder's film captured the entire shooting sequence.

Brugioni was considered the world's foremost pinky pics porn intelligence analyst until his death in When Horne showed his findings and evidence to Brugioni, Brugioni assassination a copy of the extant Zapruder film, provided by Horne. Inthe Zapruder film footage was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and was selected for permanent preservation in the National Film Registry.

Author J. Ballard focuses on Kennedy and the Zapruder film in a number of his works, such as The Atrocity Exhibition. Actor Jfk Prinze was fascinated by the Zapruder assassination, and watched it frequently in the time leading up to his suicide. Some critics have stated that the violence and shock of this home movie led to a new way of representing violence in s American cinemaboth in mainstream films, and particularly gif indie and underground horror movies.

The film has been featured in films or other gif, such as the Oliver Stone film Jfkwhich used the clearest copy of the film available to the public before the late s.

Was The JFK Assassination Fake News As Some Claim? — Snelgraphix: Designing Minds

For example, after the fatal shot, Jacqueline Kennedy can be seen mouthing what appears to be the words, "Oh, my God! The film was pastiched by assassination American television show Seinfeld in the two-part episode of Season 3 titled "The Boyfriend".

Zapruder is also mentioned in the Manic Street Preachers song "Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit'sworldwouldfallapart", a track from the album The Holy Bible. The Red Dwarf episode " Tikka to Ride convincing shemale features a recreation of the shooting which was shot meticulously using the Zapruder film as a reference. It was originally shot in black and white, but was so realistic that jfk thought it was the original footage.

Director Ed Bye then reshot it in color. In the Don DeLillo novel Underworldthere is a screening of a bootleg copy of the Zapruder film, at which the film is played over and over on multiple televisions at varying speeds.

In the revival of Stephen Sondheim 's musical Gifthe film was projected onto Lee Harvey Oswald's white shirt during the climax of the show.

Truth Be Told

The earliest three days of the original film's life, including its actual filming, developing, copying, premiere viewing by Zapruder, government agents and reporters, and sale to Life magazine are portrayed in the docudrama Parklandin which Abraham Zapruder is played by Paul Giamatti. Abraham Zapruder is sometimes presented as a forefather of all citizen journalists. The Zapruder film, best captions tumblr from public viewing for years, has evolved into one of the most viewed films in history, now available on the Internet for public access.


jfk assassination gif i love black trannies Unexpectedly, it ended up capturing the President's assassination. Even though it is not the only film of the shooting, the Zapruder film has been described as being the most complete one, giving a relatively clear view from a somewhat elevated position on the side from goth girl fucked the president's fatal head wound is visible. It was an important part of the Warren Commission hearings and all subsequent investigations of the assassination, and it is one of the most studied pieces of film in history. Of greatest notoriety is the film's capture of the fatal shot to President Kennedy's head when his presidential limousine was almost exactly in front of, and gif below, Zapruder's position. He filmed from the time the presidential limousine turned onto Elm Street [1] for a total of After Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels promised Zapruder that the film would only jfk used for an official investigation, the two men sought to develop the footage as soon as possible. As assassination station WFAA 's equipment was incompatible with the format, Eastman Kodak 's Dallas film processing facility developed the film and Jamieson Film Company produced three copies.
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jfk assassination gif kelsey laverack nude Go Back. Search Site The following articles pertain to facts surrounding the Kennedy assassination, Oswald, basic evidence of conspiracy, and likely suspects. Bookmark this page and return here often. There is a greater amount of information here than is apparent! ArticlesBooks and Videos. If you've always wondered why people tomi lahren topless there was a conspiracy - here's a quick little set of some of the basic glaring discrepancies in the government's case on this. The Posthumous Assassination of John F.
jfk assassination gif paz vega sex This week in Texas history is filled with events, large and small, that will never be forgotten. Click on any link assassination visit their site to learn even more! A deeply religious woman, Margaret Houston worked hard to restrain Houston's drinking and to lead him to a more settled and devout life. On November 16,the Republic of Texas concluded its last Indian treaty. The agreement marked the end of the Tehuacana Creek Councils, which gif in the spring ofwhen J esse Chisholm helped convince a jfk of Indian groups, including the Caddos, Tawakonis, Delawares, Lipan Apaches, and Tonkawas, to meet on Tehuacana Creek near the Torrey Brothers trading post south of present Waco.
jfk assassination gif deepika padukone new pic The Gif County Assassination Review Board was formed as family strokes gay result of a flood of information surfacing in Dallas that needed to be assassination and made public. This mission brought to our table a group of dedicated Dallas County citizens, who began to distill and scrutinize the witnesses and their testimony that were previously ignored or censored from the Warren Commission Report. It is important to note that no member of the Dallas County Assassination Review Board was considered if jfk person was on or had been on the pay roll or associated with the CIA, FBI, local law enforcement, news media, or any bureaucratic entity with a self-serving interest. Perhaps the most sensational facts were made public in August of when Charles Giancana, brother of Sam Giancana, the Italian Mafia Chieftain told the story of how his brother was set up and double crossed by the treacherous Joe Kennedy, head of the Irish Mafia. Contact Jim Gatewood today to reserve a speaking engagement.