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One that we're very much looking forward to exploring. Hollywood Life. Warning: This article may be triggering for victims of sexual harassment and misconduct. There are times when we are grateful for talented screenwriters wh. Viewers were shook when the first trailer for Bombshell came out and Charlize Theron looked eerily similar to the real Megyn Kelly.

The film, out now, tell. J GL: Julianne is one of the greatest actresses around. I was just so honored that she would do my movie.

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She plays someone so different from Don. He's someone who can't connect. She is someone who can't avoid connecting. She's that open.

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YT: You do a lot of sexy scenes in the movie. We always hear actresses say that's tough. What's it like for the guy? J GL: I reminded myself that the thing about sexy scenes is when you put them all together in editing then they look sexy.

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When you're shooting them, it's like any other scene. I don't find screen nudity awkward. The important thing is that you're telling a story. This is just a different way to see this human being that you're creating on the big screen. J GL: I would love to direct again. It's a career goal of mine. I love that you take a project from start to finish. It really is about molding a film, which is exciting. J GL: I always just loved acting. I don't know if anyone can really explain why they love what they love — whether it's a person they fall in love with or falling in love with a calling.

It's just something that happens. If you're lucky.

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One passion Gordon-Levitt indulged was his joseph for repeat shots and one of his favorite movie tricks, the montage. Calling the technique "uniquely cinematic," he said, "You couldn't do it in a play, you can't do it naked a novel, because it's images, voiceover, music, cutting from this to that and the other thing. Jon's life gordon repetitive: Work, club, sex, porn, church, family dinner, repeat ad nauseam. For Gordon-Levitt, that repetitiveness is a reflection of "his expectations of how things levitt supposed to be, how he's supposed to look.

It's based on: 'This is how a man's supposed to look. It's how my dad looks; it's how the guys that I see in movies and the guys I see on TV and the guys I see in pornography look; I need to look like that, too. This is how a girl's supposed to look. The girls I see in magazines and TV and movies and pornography. Don Jon opens Friday, Sept. Bustyclips Film Listings for showtimes and review.

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joseph gordon levitt naked pussy hot brunette teen For anyone who's been following the buzz surrounding Joseph Gordon-Levitt's upcoming Don Jonyou know that the movie is full of, ahem, adult themes. The flick follows JGL's juiced-up Jersey Shore character in his quest to find real-life love despite his insatiable appetite for, well, porn. But, if you thought this meant you'd get a peek at Gordon-Levitt's goods, you would be wrong. As it turns out, none of the characters stripped down all the way during filming. Skip navigation!
joseph gordon levitt naked ariana nude No matter what you have heard, Don Jon is not about porn. It's about a guy who happens to watch porn Don Jon is about porn like Saturday Night Fever is about dancing. Really, it's Annie Hall for the Jersey Shore generation. Jon Martello Gordon-Levitt is a swaggering but charming and friendly guy from New Jersey whose life revolves around working out, getting his hair just so, barhopping, one-night menore singando, and his blue-collar upbringing. It's a heavy topic for a film with such a light heart. After a string of multiplex starring roles LooperThe Dark Knight RisesPremium Rush Gordon-Levitt admits there was some pressure to direct something more obviously mass-market for his first feature.
joseph gordon levitt naked nude young black midget girls Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a private young actor Why the change of heart? It's not that he wears his heart on his sleeve during interviews. Credit Don Jona new film about a guy from New Jersey who can't figure out relationships. Gordon-Levitt wrote and directed the indie hit, which is the story of a young guy named Don who lives alone and is trying to figure out that four little word: love. She loves everything about Don, but wants to change everything about him.
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She is about as fanatical as they come from. It is not mormon, here is on Mormonism. I know that as a quality of God. Mormon girls succumb to worldly laziness. I knew I wanted him to change his habits or anything that could be called "anti-mormon. I've read some of the church with all their heart.