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Launch in Newgrounds Player. Author Comments. Bounty Hunter got u18chan new voicelines with Artifact, only appropriate to put them to good use. Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Sort By: Date Score. It could use more reaction from the guy getting kabier. Reactions: Wish a nigga wouldn33grbowow and 14 others. GentlemanFaggot I got in Reactions: bowowMarvinLeafy Path and 21 others. He has a vitamin D deficiency. Paper white skin and pure hazel grey eyes point to melanin deprivation over the course of months.

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Also sunken eyes, he needs sleep and he's not getting it. He's basically a shut-in with likely kabier contact outside his walls. Hence validation and ego trip. Thought I'd lay that one out. Mine away. Reactions: Wish a nigga wouldn33grPansexual doorknob and 14 others. Reactions: n33grbowowc-no and 16 others. Odd thing to say and especially admit to given how popular his account is and how generally progressive furries are. Somebody save that doge.

Reactions: StuckinatoasterFFbowow and 29 others. Miel67 Resident P4 Fag and Dreamer kiwifarms. Those eyes better not haunt my nightmares If I was a banker, he would be a good example in why I would anal queen loan money to furries.

Reactions: bowowAgent 3Y2K Baby and 12 others. MeefaZeTroll kiwifarms. InLivingTuna said:. View attachment View attachment View attachment Jason "Jasonafex" Grant is a well established name within the furry fandom, having over 3 million page views on U18chan and over 75, followers between FA, Inkbunny and Twitter. While he initially amassed his online following in the Team Fortress 2 fandom tracing art along the wayhe quickly discovered a quicker path to e-fame; using the puppet tool in After Effects, he could turn furry artwork into animated versions of the original pictures.

But hey, who am I to judge others based on the law instead of what other people say about them, so much easier to believe what someone else says instead of doing a single google search. If THIS complete ignorance is how the furry community acts, basing others entire moral character off of actual lies and rumour mill bullshit, then this is glorified high school without the threat of being openly mocked every day because it's anonymous.

Let me just quote my first comment because you clearly didn't read past the first line. I won't even bother going further with you. Canadian here. Any sort of pornographic viewing from a person under the age of 18 is still a criminal offense, specifically distributing pornography to a minor and can get the artist, website AND minor in legal trouble.

This is why pornography sites require a minimum age of So only the minor could be at fault as long as those unknown to the recipients age. Even if you we're to say be a minor and comment something provocative and somebody says something provocative back. That unknowing person can be charged with sexualizing a minor. Thank you. Mircea User Page Gallery Journals. While for different reasons, I fully understand how you feel and why you're quitting. I'd lie to say I'm no longer a furry myself, since I create and watch fur art periodically. However I'm now dissociated from the behavior and image of the fandom Everywhere U18chan turn in this fandom, I'm surrounded kabier stupidity and closed minded people blindly following this angry crybaby culture.

Everyone is offended by everything, from an idea raylene lesbian a stupid fictional drawing god forbid it's a "bad sexuality" especially.

You are not allowed to disagree as that will immediately get you blocked by other furs, often ones you haven't even met in your life and find yourself blocked by randomly. You can't even follow an artist for art any more, because periodically you come across posts u18chan "look at what those bad people u18chan, spread this and let's shame the sexy asian nude bodybuilder legs guy, and don't you dare disagree that I'm right or you're banned lol".

Fuck today's furry fandom: It's destroyed everything that made it special in the early days, back when it was bryci bodystocking a group of rebels who didn't conform with the mainstream and did what we felt is right! To me that's still the real fandom: The metalheads who pissed on social acceptability, would take their kids to BDSM parades, and demand "sex drugs and world peace" reference to the 70's hippie protests.

Instead of changing the world to be better, it let itself be changed by the world to be worse and fall into the same sorry pit. I don't call others degenerates as I don't believe in that term all that much, I accept things I dislike personally too.

There is a difference between hating bigots and hating people for their opinions on other things or for u18chan they are and what they feel No problem. You failed but at least you tried your u18chan Say nothing of substance. I get what you're saying, and I know you've been for much longer than me in the community to know what's up. Had the blocking thing happen to me u18chan I tried to give some constructive criticism to an artist, and they just blocked me, getting all pised XD.

I admit, I'm also quite the sensitive person, but some people here just take it to the next level. I'm sure there are cases like this in other communities as well, but so far I've only experienced it here. Having followed the furry fandom since the 90's I have to regretfully disagree with you; while the subjects have evolved with the overall culture and politics prevalent in society as a whole, it's been prone to kabier and other shit for atleast the last 25 years, and I fully expect long before that, probably since the very beginning of online furry community.

Heck, in the 90's there was some furry drama over the existence of furry porn of any kind being bad kabier some furry throwing a huge fit over the fandom being sexualised. The more things change the more they stay the same.

It does seem to have gotten worse in recent years, but that just reflects what's happening in society at large. Oh, drama has always existed in its various forms. I just think that in the past the fandom was a bit more accepting and less closed minded and slightly more weird in a good way.

Now it's like it has lost its essence: Crossdresser striptease feel many furs took the worst out of society and integrated it into the fandom. One thing I wpuld lile to day about this. Even woth everything.

He is NOT a pedophile. Their relationship shoild not be a target for controversy unless anything illegal happened. What other people do. If jason and kabe leave then let them leave. Causing and stiring more drama makes what they seem relevant to the community rather than taking pride in the community youre involved in. Stop giving attention to people you dont feel deserve it. It makes ZERO sense. Sexual Maturity in French : 15y Teenagers of 13Y can have sex with older if they know what they do.

Just wanted to say that, when you make me discover than people found to date 16years old u18chan is Pedophilia xD. The problem is that a lot of americans are used to anything under 18 being underage though that isnt even consistent across all states so the prospect of laws being different scares and kabier them, as "a 16 year old is an innocent child and of course you're a pedo for dating them even if your law is different".

Moral kabier or not it's not everyone elses choice what that person does and basically dehumanizes their choices because they aren't "old enough" to do so so they are treated as lesser. Lesson learn here!

Oh hey, I saw you in the Miles-DF expensive ych controversy. Enjoying the shit shows? IMO, announcing you're leaving a community and kabier longer doing its associated art is never a good idea. Regardless of reasoning, it limits your future options igphhangout, if you ignore what you previously say, then act in spite of those previous words, you'll find people calling you hypocrite, flip-floppy, indecisive, and other sort all met art sex pic nasty words, as that's a defining action of those words.

Then "leaving" due to drama will have been for nothing, and the next time you announce leaving, your word will count for less amongst those who can think for themselves. The best way to leave a community, is to kabier do it.

Don't mention it, just do it. As an artist you don't owe anybody such a thing, and it's completely unnecessary. Only time it's necessary is when you're no longer creating art period. Vlads User Page Gallery Journals. I have really enjoyed both of your art.

Hate to see it come to an end. Torontofurry User Page Gallery Journals. Harakiriwolf User Page Gallery Journals. Welcome to "I'm gonna leave this community and here is why - Episode 13" in our ongoing series of the acclaimed "It's everyone elses fault but mine" saga.

Kabier your popcorn and enjoy the comment section. Of course. After the success of this franchise, a reboot is already in the plans. This time with even more drama! Stay tuned! It's still a WIP, but I think it has great potential.

Your Avatar is the perfect one for this. Especially your "It won't be the first time they leave either" comment! Jasona truly is the DarkSydePhil amongst the furries. The best part of that sentence is where they detach themselves from the controversies and give it to the furry community.

It's like they don't know that THEY are the primary reason for said controversy in the first place. Pisang1 User Page Gallery Journals.

Azurex User Kabier Gallery Journals. Xanaeth User Page Gallery Journals. They deserve it. No need to whiteknight for racists and transphobes; they aren't going to be your friend or draw you gift art.

Racists and homophobes U18chan me, what? Transphobia, where? Mind linking a source? As for racists, well, i do not believe that satire on twitter once or twice counts as racism. U18chan, why be so quick to jump to assuming i'm doing this to be their friend or for free art?

Are you not proving the kabier talking point of their video? I made comments calling out both the furry fandom's absurd hostility and Jason's zoophilia as well u18chan him grooming Kabier when she was 15, and you seem to have reacted very aggressively to me disagreeing with the common narrative of the comments down here. But seriously, if you want to make a point other than going with the "If you're not with us, you're against us" mentality, tone down the hostility and we might be country girl porn vids to have a reasonable conversation.

That's just being an unfunny edgelord who has no personality, so you compensate by being offensive without ulterior purpose. Hold up, you're offended u18chan "All Lives Matter" and free speech, and are trying to portray those as somehow hateful? Bloody hell, i see where you're coming from. Not even going to bother. You wanted links to proof. I gave it to you. What you choose to gleam from what I wrote next to it is your problem. Yeah, you did. Kabier just because you did doesn't mean that your narrative is somehow automatically correct.

CUCKSHACK FINAL - Kabier talks about leaving!

Sorry, but on this one I don't agree. They did nothing wrong by saying "everyone deserves human rights". That's just pointing out that trans people aren't the only ones who need support, there are many others as well! We know they all do, but using it to derail a movement is tone-deaf and detracts from the argument someone clearly doesn't understand.

And at the end of girl sex xnxx com day, she still said trans people aren't oppressed.

So much for everyone deserving rights. Yeah, I don't agree on that last one either: Kabier people have sure as heck been oppressed. Today it's a strong division between those who hate and those who love trans people, from what I'm seeing at least.

That one? You're joking, right? That's obvious satire using a common iDubbbz quote. Not satire as they literally both hate SonicFox for no reason other than he's "cringy" to them but go off I u18chan. Foxtrot27 User Page Gallery Journals. If you both leave, I hope for the best. Hentai bondage machine the community has been a bad experience. Again whatever happens, I hope for the best.

Gildedtongue User Page Gallery Journals. This week on pew news jasonafex does an oopsie. Malk User Page Gallery Journals. You digged your own graves, stop blaming others and grow up.

Thank fucking godanother racist and transphobe bites the dustxoxo. So much hate I guess it should be expected from the kabier fandom, anyway i wish you two the best, i wish i had discovered you guys sooner. Zigzagonger U18chan Page Gallery Journals. I refuse to join this furry hate mob, i don't know what they did and i don't care, they have nice art and that's all that counts.

Holy shit, there is even more than I knew! So your evidence, is tweets without context? I have created 12, tweets since joining the community. If that is honestly the worst you can present u18chan a justification u18chan mob behavior, I pity you for being so fragile. Your moral high-ground is a mud trench. Kabier can't even meet the standards you want others to perpetuate for you. Like a snowflake, you are melting. Desperate to find something, anything to let you sliver back into the victim narrative you so desperately cling onto for pity.

Grow up, get your life in order and stop getting triggered over kabier comments on the internet. If someone consistently gets their comments removed everywhere they go, might be time to self-reflect if anyone wants them there. Bad ideas naturally send themselves to the curb via discussion.

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Y'know I had that entire comment thing as an image. It's somewhere. Something about him not giving a shit about what his fans think. I also vaguely remember a journal once showing deplorable living conditions, and within the span of a week they used the donations from their 'blind fans' to buy a purebred dog. Y'couple that with their trans hate and just how shit they are as people and you realize that they. I can't even call those two people.

Kabier, all this hate is well warranted. Then kabier. Get your alt-furry ass out of here. Great to see the Furry Raiders are pedophile-enablers. Lesbian hairy tube first lewd piece of Kabier and Jason was posted in earlywhen Kabier was Kabier was born in It's mind-boggling how you don't care. Cool Story Bro? I'm not the internet police, I dont give a shit what people do or say on the internet because it doesn't affect me, if you think it's illegal then call the police or contact FA staff if you think your story has any credit to it xD btw, what does this have to do with alt-furry or furry raiders, this shit is getting mad confusing now lmao.

Oh give me a break. Your kabier screams alt-furry. Your introduction is a kabier bitchfest kabier how the fandom is too inclusive and politically correct now paris hilton sucking by a transphobic joke that stopped being funny in You just said you don't care if Jason is a pedophile.

I checked your profile. Not surprised since people like you dismiss pedophilia and gaslight victims to avoid drama. What about all of the Boys twerking, dressing in drag and constantly being used, groomed, sexualized and then used as political shields? I never u18chan I was okay with kabier in ANY situation. Also you got a better source than this twat? He never believes what he spews, so I don't think Paul is a good source, my dude.

It's the context given and video shown that matters. But seeing as you disregard the video of my claim, which is real btw, I guess you're actually the one supporting Pedophilia through Identity Politics. In other words, you're entire argument is invalid because you're entire political alignment is pro Pedophilia and has been for quite a while now. Children like DesmondIsAmazing u18chan textbook Child Grooming and he was even found dancing on a Bar in front of grown men throwing dollar bills at him like he was a stripper.

But, seeing as you disregard my video that paints you a hypocrite. A Block will suffice. I will always support you dudes. Keep rocking. Cuckold husband porn movies User Page Gallery Journals. You'll be crawling back pretty soon, I'd say.

But you could prove us all wrong. Looks like you just can't cut the cord though, typical. Baconmanz User Page Gallery Journals. That's pretty much what I'm doing. I've heard some shit about these two but I'm not going to draw conclusions or u18chan the fire. That doesn't mean I can't sit back and observe from a distance. I personally find furry drama entertaining. Interesting view into what furry "community" looks like now, thanks!

I'm not convinced there's kabier community, actually. More a special interest group. Sort of how there's not really a kink community, there's a special interest group. I enjoy the art that u18chan created, and support some artists on Patreon. Conventions - no thanks. My experience is u18chan there's a severe lack of hygiene, bodily but most importantly mentally, and I want nothing to do with it in my life.

Some 20 years ago, I attended some conventions with friends, in Germany. After two or so, we discussed it among us, and decided to step back. The concern was that by showing up and being reasonably well-socialized, we'd legitimize the bad behavior. The behavior was absolutely toxic, convention organizers manipulating people desperate for attention to get sex from them. Nasty stuff. It seems that's universal across continents, and hasn't changed. And that also means conventions will drive away people who want good, positive interactions.

I think I'm with you that because of that mechanic, it won't change for the better. There's no incentive to attend conventions that are full of annoying or outright hostile people. I'm glad you see their point finally. Stop before you make a fool of yourself. Jason did some horrible things and the rest of the fandom hates him for it, it has nothing to do with this supposed degradation of the fandom. This has nothing to do with how furries treat each other.

Are you fucking blind to the actual issue at hand here or do we need to draw you a fucking map? Furries aren't hating each other for "lulz" or pure randomness.

Imo furries are TOO accepting. But what the fuck do I know right, lets base our judgement on feelings rather than facts. I have no clue who Jasonafex is, whether they u18chan supporters and what those say, or what they did. When it comes to the fandom, I'm not an sri lankan actress pussys part of it in the sense that I don't know who is or isn't popular, and what the social currents of u18chan day are.

The plural of anecdote is not "data", I'm with you there. I'd love some facts! Are there studies of incidence of harrassment at furry cons u18chan the greater populace? I didn't even think that facts had ever been discovered, since it's such a niche topic, and Facts would be lovely. Alright I went and asked google, which brought me to an ED page. Good grief. Even with the usual trolling and hyperbole on ED, good grief. Point taken dakota fanning nude cute big this Jasonafex person.

Cons ARE positive experiences as long as you avoid and ignore the autism that comes forth. I will never agree that cons are great experiences and I think anyone that says they are is u18chan ignorant fool. The only time I have ever resented being at a convention is when I've had to forcibly listen to idiotic conversations couldn't leave the room for one reason or anotherhad the mispleasure of meeting one of "those" furries or simply having to watch kabier couple u18chan in the mail lobby either getting a little too handsy or some halfwit walking around in bondage gear.

If you're like me, whom lives in the board games room and sometimes walks the halls mostly with a continuously draining wallet at sight of good artwork, you're bound to have a good time. I also can't say I haven't met some awesome friends I u18chan think I would have had I not taken the mental risk of attending the conventions. Macarou User Page Gallery Journals.

See you both soon. Really liked the art she made. Never really looked into or honestly cared about any drama so this kinda sucks for folks like me. Aw well. The first and biggest mistake you two made was becoming at all involved in this lost cause of a community.

Ironic, considering the fact that a lot of the fandoms problems are caused by Jasonafex-types and their supporters. Just gonna ignore kabier shady shit Jason's done, are we? Furzfanger User Page Gallery Journals. Moofus User Page Gallery Journals. Sorry to see you go man.

You were one of my favorite artists. Krazen User Page Gallery Journals. Guess I can finally and officially unsubscribe without missing out on anything. Ragscoon User Page Gallery Journals. Nordahl User Page Gallery Journals. Good luck for the future! Nah, I learned kabier I needed to about these "fine people" from their low morale mgsv twitter accounts.

Koyias User Page Gallery Journals. Well Jasonafex u18chan Kabier you'll be missed, and it's sad seeing many of the good and happy furs leaving. I'll be sitting by and wait how things will turn out for us furs well I can see others will do the same thing. Well, that is the free market of ideas working as intended. There's nothing wrong with calling people out, but to be part of a collective campaign to vilify somebody is pretty immature.

Quite frankly I haven't followed these two close enough in recent years to really have much of an opinion myself. Jasonafex hasn't really been producing content that I find enjoyable, but that's about where it ends for me.

I u18chan anthro characters and porn and shit. I never really got involved with the "culture" of the fandom. Every experience I've had getting involved with fandoms is miserable. I like to think you can u18chan something without circlejerking about it with a bunch of people you otherwise wouldn't care about, but that's just me. I dipped my toe into the "culture" surrounding the fandom and was nearly eaten alive as a result.

Its hazardous to your health at this point. The rest are kids and teenagers that just haven't learned how to be adults yet. The best way to deal with idiots like this, in my opinion, is to simply ignore them. I would say you're u18chan with the overly vocal minority, but in the end the decision to either keep or remove stuff from a site like e is up to both you and Kaiber.

Sadly Jason But then, there are the autistic people that have not been shown how to cope with the fallbacks of being autistic But worse than that? Best thing to do is to continue ignoring hairy and wet petite teen and let themselves 'burn out', like blair young legal porn candle.

A shame, but. Personally I like having my stuff on e because it's a convenient backup place, and the more people sees the piccies I'm in, the merrier! Going out and trying to kabier the work down will make the harassment u18chan worse for you and Kab. Like all bullies kabier trolls, life is easier if you just ignore it. I enjoy your content there and here, but e is more easily accessible. With the great stuff you spur out, I didn't know you got hate!

That's terrible but eh, such is life. If you take it down, it's just going to provoke them more. Like some others kabier said, ignore the shit, and if you want, I can help with comforting your friend. Don't let words get to you, and kabier not to let the words get to your friend, either.

Got to be strong, and please, don't take it down. E has such a disgustingly toxic community. I'll be reading the comments and kabier see something really stupid, such as someone hating on a piece that I happen to enjoy and Kabier be thinking, "well, why the fuck did ya click on it, ya fuckin' twat? That's too much work. And the admins and mods of that site? They're just as bad, if not, worse than the regular members at times.

Such as this stupid, "tag what you see, not what you know," policy they have. If you post up a picture of character of yours who is gay or a herm, you can't tag them as such if the gay character isn't taking a fucking dick up their ass nor can you tag a herm AS a herm if their vag isn't also shown in the image along with their cock.

I kept tagging my gay and herm characters as such and getting the tags completely changed because, "hurr! Ain't see no vag on that girl, so therefore, dickgirl and not u18chan Hurr durr, dun see a dick going up that boi's ass, so he ain't gay despite being your character who you know for certain is a gay character!

U18chan kabier - XXXPicz

So, honestly, even though the community is an atrocious cesspool of toxicity, I don't think you should kabier your art pieces from it, since there are still at least some of us who will enjoy it and not be complete assholes about it. Speaking with a level head. They clicked it for the same reason someone on here clicks an image; either something sparked their curiosity, or they're trolling. I've seen quite a few comments on downvoted content of mocking the downvoting habits of people.

It's almost the equivalent of PooToob. I'd much rather have images tagged visually. Speaking without anything uploaded, or "characters" anywhere, it makes a lot more sense for an image board to tag it the way it is. I'm an extremely regular visitor of the site, and most of the comments are fine. Look deep enough anywhere and ANY community can be toxic.

It also depends on how you take it. I kabier, the "tag what u18chan see" policy is a little annoying at times, sometimes I feel it's made purely for people that see the characters as objects, not personalities.

You need to let go of the comments and bullshit yall may get kabier e I would honestly be destroyed if you did u18chan. I forgot the name of the artist, because I kabier for the life of me remember names worth crap, but he was an artist I liked a lot who demanded his artwork be taken down off of the site. I was pretty devastated, because his artwork made up a fair chunk of my favorited posts.

It just made it harder to try to find him I don't think I ever ended up finding somewhere where I could easily get his work. I enjoy the comment section and I adore it eiza gonzРіСћlez topless the haters get smashed by the downvotes. I haven't seen so many haters u18chan people filled with disgust without them getting downvoted into the hidden section.

It's all kabier personal opinion, but I would be upset having kabier open up multiple windows just to find all the artists I've learned to college girl old man nude. I like having a place where all the art is compiled and I can just stacey dash sex scene in a few u18chan rather than navigate this site.

Again, personal opinion and I'm writing this when I'm tired. If they're not fans of your work in the first place, then why do you even care what they think? It may sound cold and a bit u18chan, but the Internet is full of trolls, and there are those who don't want to do anything but complain and criticize when it's neither wanted nor warranted. Just ignore them and move on with doing what you love. Or, another way to think about it is this. If you remove your art from e, that may solve the problem of the e trolls not being able to comment on it anymore, but there will also be some who would choose to go to other sites and do the same thing -- including FA or Twitter.

I say to stop worrying about them in u18chan regard. If they want to bitch in the comment section of e, let them. But let their bitching fall on deaf ears.

CUCKSHACK FINAL - Kabier talks about leaving! by Jasonafex -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If they're making it a "meme" to troll you and Kabier on that site, then stop worrying about the community on that site, and worry more about the communities that you actually care about and have legitimate fans in. Never, never let the haters control what you do in any regard. And taking the art down would be a sign that they've gotten to you and succeeded in their mission. I use e to keep an easy u18chan to all my favorite pieces It's like a main gallery. Of course there are people who hate, but there are also a lot of simple lurkers who just enjoy the stuff and people who are actually there because they like it.

I personally like to refrain from plainly insult something I dislike, tending to make a complete analysis and then exposing the simple truth of things. But that goes on an objective u18chan, and usually artists like kabier like "I don't like this piece in kabier, BECAUSE this, this tight little pussy pics this could have been done better".

I know I could offer to defend you against those shitstorms, commenting to people to shut up if they are dumb enough to open their useless mouths, but that wouldn't be me in the first place, and secondly wouldn't accomplish much. Another white knight would probably intensify the hatred, instead of mitigating it.

redtube comments

What can I say? The vast majority is not composed of keyboard bullies, and they love you. They support you, wish you merry xmas, cheer you and interest naked photos of eva mendes your life. FA is not well programmed yet to justify a take down from e, and thus you would probably lose this way a good kabier of your followers. And all of the lurkers.

The idiotic bullies would lose the stuff they actually like but are "too cool to support, hence they must insult", and I presume they kabier rage. From there it would go either that they keep talking bad about you on forums or they come here on FA to tell you how much they love when people try to wipe them out. Not good. What I propose?

Keep the stuff up. For a while, at least. What's wrong about you, for them? I'd like to know that. Because this way either you can correct it, or I can show them they are simply wrong. The more I put logic into this, the less the bullies will take interest, since illogical responses will not be u18chan by the majority. A lot of the artists I currently watch I discovered through e Provided posts are properly tagged and sourced, e is a great tool for exposure for anthro artists.

I think it can have it's merits because on places like that u18chan find people tend to be a lot more honest. They won't say "I think the way they drew X looks weird" on the artist's post on FA, but they kabier say it on a site like e But the few genuinely useful critiques or whatever are far outweighed by the nonsense, the offensive or the downright creepy like people typing up RP scenarios in the comments for example.

Do you find this kind of thing on all your work? I had a kabier at some of the ones on that Man's Best Friend comic and video of fit naked women lot of them were just people busty thin sex gif porn to be nasty but I think that's kind of to be expected given the divisive nature of the content.

Personally I'm not a fan of that kind of thing at all. It's been a slow increase over the last couple of years. I actually favoured comments on e over FA for a while since it was unfiltered, people weren't afraid to point kabier the flaws in your content.

Heh yeah, but you get that everywhere sadly. People will u18chan regardless of where it's posted. It may hurt, but the support you get from u18chan is worth more.

I, and i'm sure many others, only found you thanks to e Please don't stop others from having the same luck. As for Kabier, I understand it can u18chan. Believe me, I really do. I spent my life being told what I was doing wasn't good enough.

It hurts. But you need to realise that people like that aren't worth your time. U18chan do it because putting others down makes them feel big. I know you've probably heard that numerous times, but I have to say it again.

You are above it. You are worth more than they are. Stay strong, for all of your fans if not for yourself. Can I be blunt? Too bad, I'm kabier to be anyway. If it really upsets an artist that some people have negative things to say, then they should just quit life, because no matter what you do, your profession, your interests, etc. U18chan life, it's how the world is, it's how this fandom is.

If you can't handle that, then you are not meant for this fandom or this world. No, I'm not saying "kill yourself", I'm saying "Suck it up girlfriend, you're going to have haters no matter what you do". There's criticism, and then there's harassment. Would you apply your advice to someone being bullied? I said what I have to say, take it or leave it. Or, you can be like a typical furry and complain. Kabier is the internet AND the furry fandom. If you can't handle trolls then perhaps neither are meant for you.

Unless somebody is making a threat against your life, then yes, you need to toughen up a bit. You get bullied because you respond to it, and they get a kick out of what you're doing. Take the constructive crits, disregard the trolling and bullying and it becomes boring. Even though yes, you'll still probably have a small group dedicated to harassing you.

But by making a big deal kabier posting these journals, tweets, you're literally going backwards about it. To me this feels u18chan a fish for sympathy and attention. If I'm wrong, sorry. But really, just keep doing what you love and get paid for it, ultimately, by overreacting and responding to this in those unfortunate manners ie, those unsavory responses you left on e is going to hurt you in the long run.

Yes, there are plenty of comments spewing hate - well, they're on pretty much anything even remotely popular. But you know what? There are also hundreds of people who vote up and favourite your work, or even just admire it without clicking anything. And those people are in the majority. If you remove your stuff from e, this'll prevent a few of the harsh comments - and anyway, if people colombian titty fuck gif really so inclined to hate on your work, they'll find a way to do so with or without it being on e However, taking it down will also prevent people enjoying it, leaving a few u18chan and considerate comments, maybe a bit of fair criticism.

In my view, this is certainly a case of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. Just ignore them as best you can, and focus on the many people who love and enjoy what you do I can understand why it would not be a simple decision to make, but for what u18chan worth, here's my take: I discovered your work because of that site. If not for it, I likely wouldn't be watching you now, or know anything about your efforts.

Comments aside, it's still a great site for finding new artists or discovering artists you haven't heard of, that make the kinds of things you like, and following through form there to those artists' more official sites. I think it would be a terrible shame if any artist pulled their work from a site that serves that purpose so well, simply because some people kabier fixated on trash-talking them in the comments. It's the internet - virtually no-one actually puts any weight at all by the comments of anyone else, anyway, so all that vitriolic abuse isn't actually going to affect the thoughts or opinions of anyone else, not really.

Sometimes rarely I know the comments are even useful and helpful for tracking down the best places to follow particular artists I Don't want to say anything about Kaiber toughening up; I don't ever really think that's a fair comment because no-one should ever feel like it's their duty to endure abuse and hatred, at all My vote is to keep everything up.

No because as you said, it's kabier minority compared to hundreds of fans on the site. Also, I do not know where you are getting the "lack of intervention from admins there. I deal with reports everyday for the past 2 years, if others are saying us admins aren't doing our part, then I solely take the blame because if peeps are saying that, I'm at fault. I've sent you a message on e to offer a helping hand but it seems that you've ignored it from what I can conclude.

I don't u18chan paid to be an administrator of e, I'm a volunteer. My goal is to kabier peeps and make the site a habitable place to host content. If there's some problems that need to be addressed, have complaints or just need some assistance advice, reports, criticisms, etc.

I'm always available either on e6 or FA.

Author Comments

Or he may just not have seen it yet. You'd be surprised how much stuff and how many hours worth of texts, emails, and the like can slip through one's fingers.

Two days ago I mentioned to Fluff-Kevlar that I hadn't seen some of his recent posts in my email I support him on Patreon so I usually see everything in my email as well as on FAonly to moments after I sent that message checking my email u18chan BAM there it was.

I had assumed I had nothing sent to my email because I had checked before dinner that same day, which I hadn't realized was hours before. A lot can happen in that time. I'm sure he'll go looking after he sees your comment and notice it. In addition, our blacklist also works for users so you technically can block users on e6.

If you see a dude that you don't like. This works for multiple users. Thank you very much for this. I was never aware you could blacklist a users comments. If I hadn't known this, I probably would have yanked everything from the site. Though question, does it hide all existing comments that were made by the user in question? But well, at least thats 34 users I don't have to deal with anymore. Thanks again! It hides all comments, blips, forum posts, and uploads from you, future and past, just make sure you ticked the checkbox below the blacklist to have it affect users, avatars, comments and stuff.

Now I'll only hear kabier I did try to reply via Skype as I couldn't find a method to return mail on e I greatly appreciate your efforts as speaking to another admin resulted in me doing alot of report spamming Kabs has been u18chan spamming as well and I notice you had to not only be a peace-keeper, but address kabier majority of them.

Good news is, Kabs checked today and some of the more notorious trolls did get a ban now, which is very relieving. Also, now that we know we do have some curation power in blacklisting our own comment visibility that should suffice. It doesn't really matter if kabier shit talk between themselves, if we can browse e without seeing it, we aren't gonna get involved. I apologised in the Skype messaged but I'll do so again for jesting people on that particular day, I was getting wound up and feeling like jackie kennedy nude hustler them directly was the only option.

You have our best interest in mind and have been very patient considering we could handle things better ourselves. While a few people seem to comment pretty consistently negative things, it's worth noting that you consistently get some high ratings on your work. In short, U18chan think the negative comments are very much coming from a vocal minority rather than how the community there as a whole feels about your work.

If the comments are a problem, it might be worth just ignoring the comments you get from E, and focusing on the ones you get from FA and the like. EDIT: And in the last couple of minutes my point was made more eloquently and in greater detail by an actual admin from E Upstaged entirely.

Nonsense, I'm not one to be upset about that. We're in agreement and I will never begrudge someone arguing for my point better than me. Even if you remove the tags, your work will still be uploaded by people just without your names slapped on it. For example someone may just slap the tag "raptor" on it and leave it at that. This obviously leaving the problem of making it harder to police because if your tags aren't there, then people would manually have to search for your work through all other raptor as an example works to find it course some people may already post without proper tags anyway, but at least with your tags there will be people who complain when art is found without using the proper tags, and the tags would be added on after the fact.

If you're going to remove the tags, it's better to ensure all work by you is removed and keep an eye sexyist girls the site to ensure your art isn't stolen and posted on there without your permission. If that's too much effort and you don't care that much about it, then leave the tags.

Tags themselves don't cause problems, the issues you're running into is with your art being on the site in the first place, as people will recognize your work from the u18chan itself, and still hate on you for it. If possible, my suggestion would either be get Kabier to relax a bit and not pay as much attention to the site herself where you would do all the work looking at the site and giving her relevant feedbackor get a third party that cares about you both enough to take the time out of his or her day kabier check the site for you, and anna polina nude supply you with USEFUL feedback.

A sort of art secretary, if you will. Trolls will be trolls as long as they have a platform which to troll on. You either give them a platform or you don't, there's no middle ground. We kabier a rule on e to have at least a minimum of 4 tags when uploading content.

We have made that rule just to prevent that example from happening. Users breaking that rule is subject to disciplinary actions which can include a ban from the site. We take tagging very seriously. Exactly my thought, so even if he u18chan the tag, it'd get picked on very quickly by the users. Someone would notice it shortly after it was posted, so the only way it wouldn't have his tag on u18chan is u18chan the tag itself wasn't there.

Which leads back to my point that removing his tag would be pointless, the same issues would still come up he's experiencing. I honestly think he's better just having someone filter out the feedback for him, saves him the trouble kabier doing it himself. On the other hand I found some great friends and artists through this u18chan. I love e, and find all sorts of awesome artists from there. However, I have seen some of the shitposting going on in yours and Kab's works and I definitely wouldn't blame you for taking it down. I sometimes like the unfiltered criticism myself, but it's just become a zoo on some posts, just a bunch of animals slinging shit.

I feel if you did get on the blacklist, those prepubescent ass lords might feel like they've won, but at the same time it would remove their soap boxes to preach from. Do what's personally healthiest for Kabier, since she's the one worried about it. People know where to find your work. Well, I honestly don't know what the best way to approach it is. I personally think e is an amazing gallery and probably the best out of all the furry sites when it comes to actually browsing art. Being what it is, it is also a great platform for exposure and u18chan exposure means more followers and ultimately more muns so in my opinion that's always a plus.

The tag system is extremely useful and easy to navigate and the search actually fucking works unlike FA which doesn't even index artist names for whatever fucking reason. On the other hand you're right, there's a lot of shitty comments and the community isn't the best. There's a lot of pointless arguments, tag-fights and shit like that. However there's also a lot u18chan great people in that community as well, people who will religiously tag and maintain artwork of their favourite artists up to date and make u18chan it's properly sourced.

In the end that's the site's biggest asset, community moderation. I personally think it's an awesome site and a great tool for finding artwork and I definitely vote against pulling stuff from it. Don't ever let a bunch of shitstains ruin a good thing. Additionally, there's more kabier one gallery of this type booru around, and as much as e seems unmoderated, it's by far the best out of the ones I know. They actually try to keep to some kind of standard and will honour the artist's wishes.

Paheal and rule34 for example are terrible and if your art is posted there it won't get knocked down without the servers love kiss gif video shut down. I just go on there for faps.

I dunno why kabier would want to remove your arts from there. Well personally, e was where I first became a furry, and discovered so many artists these days anyway.

Without e, I never would have found most of the artists and became a fury anyway. Although I very rarely use e anymore sometimes I use it when tracking down a specific piece of art. Jason, I would've never discovered FA if it weren't for E6 and honestly Vergence art was one of the things that made me want to join FA and get regular updates about new pics from certain artists. I'd say that whilst removing you and Kab's artwork from e may be tempting, I'd be more inclined to not do anything too rash and instead wait these haters out.

As mentioned by several commenters, these shitposters are in a small minority. Admittedly a very vocal one, but a minority nonetheless. Eventually this is just one of the things which comes with popularity: Those with legitimate and constructive criticism seem to become rarer, and those that are jealous or just shitpost "for teh lulz" become quite common.

Every single who becomes popular has their share of shitposters and flamers. I've seen the comments on there, and believe me, they're irritating at best and absolutely infuriating at worst. The ineptitude of many of these shitposters is palpable. But remember something: A lot of your watchers, including myself, only came to know you and Kabs because we came across your works on e It was, and still is a great way to find new artists who appeal to your tastes.

This scenario is essentially like dealing with a small, benign tumour by removing the entire organ it resides in. Whilst the immediate threat is gone, it may lead to further consequences, in your case being a great chunk of your backers, lurkers and followers have gone.

Kabier, it lets the shitposters win, since you're effectively admitting defeat to them. The best way kabier resolve this is by letting them say whatever the hell they kabier, but give them absolutely no feedback, until they at least make their criticism constructive. U18chan yet, respond to those that do give constructive feedback. Eventually the shitposters will either get bored of trying to get a reaction from you, or will throw one last final hissy fit before ragequitting.

The best way to deal with them is to deprive them of the satisfaction from a response. If they directly message victoria justice porn com, just tell them you won't respond unless the feedback is constructive. If they give you shit, kindly direct them twards the blacklist and let the admins know. One thing I'll give their admins credit for is that they clamp down pretty hard on people trying to start shit via PM'ing.

Honestly, over time it just seems that e has turned into Just look at it; -Mods that are either too lenient or too harsh. Like really? On a furry porn site? Let the people go ham kabier they're going ham.


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